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    Lantern Making for Community Arts Events

    Fri 1 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

    Develop your skills in making illuminated images using tissue and willow for a community arts event. Discover how to facilitate this activity within your creative arts work, to bring people together, learn new skills and participate in celebration.

    Introduction to Music Technology

    Tues 5 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

    An introduction to using computer-based DAW’s such as Logic Pro X & Ableton Live to create digital music. Learning how to program drum sounds, add midi instrumentation and record live audio.

    Drama Facilitation

    Fri 8 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

    Develop your skills in facilitating drama workshops for a range of different age groups. Discover how these skills build a creative safe space for learning, exploring and devising performance material.


    Tues 12 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

    Learn how to create your own podcast. Working in small groups you will develop interviewing and presenting skills, consider how to explore topics in an interesting and creative way, learn the basics of audio recording and editing and combine all these skills together to produce a short podcast.


    Tues 19 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

    Exploring the exquisite art of songwriting, how to craft new ideas into fully formed songs with a focus on lyric writing, chord structures, arrangement, instrumentation and feel. Fun and accessible techniques to create all the elements that make up a song which we will write and perform in the session.

    Event Management

    Tues 26 March 2024 / 6pm – 9pm

    Learn what goes on behind the scenes of running creative events and how to deliver them. This workshop will give you the opportunity to conceive, develop and plan their own creative vision and share the skills needed to achieve a successful event.