Switch on Drama is fun, builds friendships and enables young people to connect as a creative team. Sessions are led by Sky Burton-Smith, a qualified teacher with 15 years’ experience of delivering performing arts in schools and communities. Sky is passionate about using the arts to empower young people and support them in exploring new skills and ideas, unleashing imagination, and engaging them with the world and their future.

Sessions are currently held on a Thursday in 6 week half-termly blocks.

Mini Switch – 5 to 8 years 4.00-5.00pm (drop off from 3.30pm drink and snack available to de-school!) – £6.00 per session

Mix Switch – 8 to 12 years 5.15pm-6.30pm – £7.00 per session

Multi Switch – 13-18 years 7.00-8.30pm – £8.00 per session (day subject to change)

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Email or phone to book on!

Phone 07879470083 or 01484 848072

Email switchondrama@gmail.co.uk

Facebook link – www.facebook.com/switchondrama