A wonderful well-being music group of adults, most of whom have special learning needs. We make, perform music and dance through regular workshops. We play xylophones, flute and percussion instruments with accompaniment from accordion and fiddle.

The group is led by Andy Burton who teaches songs and tunes and original textural musical compositions to play on large wooden and metal Xylophones. The music is embellished and accompanied by other musicians who play accordion, flute, violin, guitars and hand percussion. Members of the group also enjoy dancing so workshops and events often include participatory social dances.

The group has a long track record of music making recording CDs and publishing a book – see: Our Tunes

Xylosound are available for performances and participatory workshops. Contact us at http://www.xylosound.org.uk/

Fridays during term time  10.30am – 2.30pm (Please note Xylosound sessions will be restarting in January 2022)